Graphical Water Flame Candle

Beautiful Graphical Water Flame Candle

Beautiful Seeria

Beautiful Seeria

Graphical Nature

Graphical Nature

BeautiFul Graphical Sunset

Beautiful Graphical Sunset

Photgraphy Rules

Watch the Light:

Light is your next biggest concern for fabulous prom photos. Find a spot where the light is relatively bright but no one is squinting (a shady area outside can work well). Check your camera menu for a feature called something similar to "force flash", "flash always on", or "fill flash" to activate the flash even though the camera thinks there is enough light. Tape a small piece of wax paper over the flash to diffuse it and the fill flash will create a pleasant light to the face eve
n when in shade.

PhotoGraphy Rules

Watch the Background :

You've probably heard this idea a lot but its always true. Watch your background! No one looks good in a tux with a full garbage can behind them or an advertisement-littered telephone pole growing out of their head. Pick a spot where there is a relatively "clean" background or at least one that fits in with the idea of prom. Some ideas are a few feet in front of a shrub wall (blurs to make a nice green background), in front of the limo, on a staircase, and in front of a blank wall.